FHJC Awarded New York Community Trust Grant

Photo © by Bernard Kleina

May 12, 2023


The Fair Housing Justice Center (FHJC) is honored and excited to be among the recipients of New York Community Trust’s latest round of nonprofit grants. A total of $5.7 million will be divided between 33 high impact nonprofits that are working to address both acute current needs and advance long-term, structural change across the five boroughs, Westchester and Long Island.

“This is a time of transition for New York—a time when our city is moving out of the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic and confronting a series of new challenges,” said Shawn V. Morehead, The Trust’s vice president for grants. “This new round of funding will help nonprofits face these challenges and support their efforts to make the city a thriving, more equitable place to live.”

The FHJC was awarded $164,000 to protect housing rights for people with disabilities in New York, which will include funding a new staff position. The Disability Justice and Accessibility Fellow will be responsible for coordinating the FHJC’s legal work on behalf of people with disabilities in New York City. Interested applicants can learn more and apply here.

Read more about the Trust and the other grant recipients here.