FHJC Unveils New Subway and Bus Ads

Photo © by Bernard Kleina

July 6, 2023


As part of its increased outreach efforts, the Fair Housing Justice Center (FHJC) has launched its first-ever transit system advertising campaign on the buses and subway platforms of the MTA.

An FHJC subway platform ad featuring a Black woman with her arms crossed and text saying "'Available' on their website, 'already rented' when I visit."

Subway poster at the 36th Street subway station

The ads depict examples of different types of housing discrimination faced by New Yorkers, along with information on how to contact the FHJC. A QR code on each ad links directly to the online complaint form on the FHJC’s newly redesigned website.

A subway poster sowing a Latino man looking at his phone with text saying "Ghosted by a landlord after mentioning your housing voucher?"

Subway poster at the 63rd Drive subway station

Intended as a pilot program, the initial four-week campaign targets Queens, with two-sheet posters on subway platforms and interior bus cards inside buses running throughout the borough.

An interior bus ad featuring an interracial lesbian couple holding an infant with text saying "You have a right to live in an open, accessible, inclusive community."

Interior bus card

The ads were designed by FHJC Community Engagement Coordinator Craig Waletzko with input from the creative team at OutFront media. “The campaign turned out beautifully,” stated Waletzko. “We’re excited to introduce passengers and commuters in Queens to the FHJC, raising awareness of our mission and available services.”

A white man standing next to a subway poster showing a Black woman in a wheelchair with text saying "My landlord says its too much trouble to build a ramp just for me."

FHJC Community Engagement Coordinator Craig Waletzko at the Court Square subway station

The campaign is made possible with funding from New York State Homes and Community Renewal.