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¡FELIZ MES DE LA HERENCIA HISPANA! Si bien celebramos la diversidad, la cultura y los logros de la comunidad latina, también reconocemos las luchas, los desafíos y las disparidades de oportunidades actuales. La FHJC se compromete a continuar la lucha por comunidades abiertas, accesibles e inclusivas, este mes y todos los meses.
HAPPY HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH! While we celebrate the diversity, culture, and achievements of the Latino community, we also recognize the ongoing struggles, challenges, and disparities in opportunity. The FHJC is committed to continuing the fight for open, accessible, inclusive communities - this month and every month.
“It’s time for this complaint to receive a full hearing.” The FHJC’s source-of-income discrimination complaint against the owners and managers of a major housing development in the Bronx has been given the green light – again. Read more at
"Ruth," "Kelvin," and "Bailey" share their encounters with housing discrimination in FHJC’s new film “≤” [Less Than or Equal To] based on real-life stories. Captioned version also available. Watch on FHJC’s YouTube channel:
People who have experienced domestic violence often face difficulties in seeking or maintaining housing and employment due to the violence in their lives. Fortunately, New York laws protect the rights of people who have experienced domestic violence so they can continue to house and care for their families without facing discrimination. The NY Attorney General website has a page dedicated to these rights, with specific information on fair housing protections. Visit
We’re here for you, New York! Our service area includes all New York City boroughs, Long Island, and Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, and Westchester counties. That’s roughly two-thirds of the state’s population and nearly 3% of the overall US population. Our counseling and investigative services are provided to the general public FREE OF CHARGE and without regard to household income. The Fair Housing Justice Center: • Assists individuals and organizations with housing discrimination complaints and to exercise their fair housing rights. • Initiates investigations to identify, document, and eliminate systemic housing discrimination. • Advocates for policies and programs that foster more open, accessible, and inclusive communities. • Engages in outreach, educational and training activities to increase public awareness about fair housing rights and strengthen fair housing law enforcement. • Provides assistance for housing accessibility modifications for renters with disabilities through the Adele Friedman Housing Accessibility Fund. To report housing discrimination, or to learn more about FHJC and ways to get involved in our work, visit or call us at 212-400-8201. Help us make fair housing a living reality for EVERYONE.
A new FHJC complaint against real estate brokerage firm Urban Pads is the latest move by the FHJC to combat voucher discrimination. “It widens the already large divide between the haves and have nots in this City. It has to stop.” Read more at
Housing providers are required by law to make reasonable structural modifications and to provide reasonable accommodations in their rules and policies to enhance accessibility in their buildings for people with disabilities. If you’re struggling with your landlord over these issues, call us at 212-400-8201 or visit to learn more and report a complaint.
#DYK that there were a record number of fair housing complaints – over 33,000 – received in 2022? And that nearly 75% of those complaints were processed by private nonprofit fair housing organizations like the FHJC? But even with this record-setting number of complaints, most incidents of housing discrimination go undetected or unreported. That’s why we continue fighting to ensure that organizations like ours receive adequate funding to carry out this important work. Check out @nationalfairhousingalliance’s new Fair Housing Trends Report to view an interactive map showing how many complaints were reported nationally and by state to various agencies.
Last year, there were over 1,904 housing discrimination complaints reported in New York State, and nearly TWO THIRDS of them were processed by the FHJC and our 5 nonprofit partner organizations of the Fair Housing Network (FHN). Visit to find out how many fair housing complaints were filed in YOUR state. @cnyfairhousing, Long Island Housing Services, Inc., @homenyorg, @wrohousing, @lawnyinc