Fact Sheets

(Note – The FHJC’s fact sheets are currently being revised. If the link to a sheet is inactive, check back soon for the updated version.)
General Fair Housing
  • Who is Protected by Fair Housing Laws? English | Spanish | Chinese | Russian
  • What Conduct is Prohibited by Fair Housing Laws? English | Spanish | Chinese | Russian
  • Types of Housing and Types of Entities Covered by Fair Housing Laws English | Spanish | Chinese | Russian
  • Where Can Fair Housing Actions Be Brought? English | Spanish | Chinese | Russian
  • What Are the Fair Housing Rights of People with Disabilities? English | Spanish | Chinese 
  • What Are Reasonable Modification Requests in Housing Discrimination? English | Spanish | Chinese | Russian
  • What Are Reasonable Accommodation Requests in Housing Discrimination? English | Spanish | Chinese | Russian
  • Letters from Medical Providers to Support Tenants’ Reasonable Modifications/Accommodations Requests to Landlords English | Spanish | Chinese | Russian
  • Housing Discrimination and Emotional Support Animals English | Spanish | Chinese 
Source of Income
  • What is Source of Income Housing Discrimination? English | Spanish | Chinese | Russian
  • Housing Subsidies and Benefit Programs in NYC English | Spanish | Chinese 
  • Fair Housing Tips While Looking for a Home English | Spanish | Chinese
Other Protected Characteristics
  • What is Race/Color Housing Discrimination? English | Spanish | Chinese | Russian
  • What is National Origin/Ethnicity Housing Discrimination? English | Spanish | Chinese | Russian
  • What is Religion-Based Housing Discrimination? English | Spanish | Chinese | Russian
  • What is Housing Discrimination Based on Sex? English | Spanish | Chinese 
  • What is Housing Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and/or Gender Identity? English | Spanish | Chinese 
  • What is Familial Status Housing Discrimination? English | Spanish | Chinese | Russian
  • What is Housing Discrimination Based on Military Status? English | Spanish | Chinese 
  • Domestic Violence and Housing Discrimination English | Spanish | Chinese 
  • Are There Housing Protections For People With Criminal Legal System Interactions? English | Spanish | Chinese 



General Fair Housing
  • Fair Housing Training Guidebook (2021)
    A comprehensive guidebook designed for use in conjunction with FHJC-authorized fair housing trainings
  • Fair Housing Guide (2019)
    A resource for professionals who provide housing counseling, search assistance, and other services to people seeking to rent or purchase housing.
  • Protected Characteristics Chart (2024)
    Protected characteristics under federal, state, and local laws within FHJC’s service area
  • Prohibited Conduct Chart (2021)
    Actions, statements, and other conduct prohibited under fair housing laws.
  • Fair Housing Toolkit (2018)
    An educational tool that describes our nation’s history of segregation, current fair housing issues, and fair housing rights. The toolkit also identifies ways to become more involved in promoting fair housing. Available in English, Mandarin, and Spanish.
  • Fair Housing and Advertising Fact Sheet (2018)
    Definitions, explanations, and guidelines to ensure responsible, nondiscriminatory advertising for housing.
  • Fair Housing Laws Factsheet (2019)
    An overview of protected classes, prohibited conduct, and available remedies under fair housing laws.
Rental Search Aids
  • FHJC Rental Search Log (2020) English | Español
    A convenient way for renters to take notes about apartments that they inquire about.
  • Tips for Home Seekers with Rental Subsidies (2020) English | Español
    Advice on interacting with landlords and others when using program vouchers in rental payments.
Nursing Home/Assisted Living – Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Guide to Auxiliary Aids and Services (2017)
    A complete list of translation services, devices, and practices legally required to be provided for deaf and hard of hearing persons living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Produced in conjunction with the National Association for the Deaf.
 FHJC Info



Statements, Reports, Policy Papers



  • A Matter of Place
    An award-winning documentary from the FHJC and Kavanaugh Productions that shines a bright light on present-day housing discrimination.
  • America Divided: “A House Divided”
    Legendary TV producer Norman Lear goes undercover to explore housing inequalities in New York City.
  • Testing the Divide
    The companion documentary to Newsday’s Long Island Divided, the most exhaustive report on housing discrimination ever undertaken by a media outlet.


  • “≤” [Less Than or Equal To]
    A collection of provocative monologues about housing discrimination, inspired by real life stories. Originally conceived as an Off-Broadway play, the script is available for free to theater groups, university and high school theater departments, faith-based organizations, fair housing groups, and other non-profit organizations interested in doing readings or full productions.

Deaf Rights

  • Deaf Rights in Residential Treatment Centers
    A short educational ASL video and two public service announcements that discuss the fair housing rights of deaf and hard of hearing persons in residential treatment facilities.
  • A Home for Henry
    Fair housing rights of deaf and hard of hearing populations in nursing homes and assisted living facilities are discussed in this short film about an elderly Deaf man residing in a nursing home.

Fair Housing Laws and Regulations


Federal Fair Housing Laws & Regulations
NY State Human Rights Law and State Division of Human Rights Rules of Practice
NYC Human Rights Law and City Commission on Human Rights




Reasonable Modification and Accommodation

Service and Assistance Animals

Source of Income (Subsidies/Vouchers)
Familial Status
 Sexual Harrassment
 Sexual Orientation and Gender
Criminal Records

Fair Housing for Young Adults Initiative